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Collaborate with Texas e-Filing experts so you can bid farewell to the tedious filing process, escape rejections, and spend your time focusing on the aspects of your Texas law firm that matter most.

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Hesitating to file your Texas case yourself? We’ll take care of the entire filing process, so you can focus on what matters most!

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Since 2003

MyFileRunner made its start in the Lone Star State as one of the first eFiling providers. We have remained true to our Texan roots with the same owners and high level of service. MyFileRunner has never sold out or partnered with a corporate company and never will!

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At MyFileRunner, we know that everything is bigger in Texas – including legal filing needs. We proudly provide Texans with a robust virtual e-filing system they can depend on. 

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Top-Level Proficiency

Utilize the skills of the Texas eFiling experts who have successfully filed thousands of cases in Texas across all counties.

Ongoing Support

Our Texas-based team provides the customer support you need. We are available to help and answer your questions whenever you need us.

Virtual e-Filing Assistant

Never waste time filing yourself. Let us file for you so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing time with lengthy conversations with the clerk or trying to figure out confusing filing processes.

Optimum Filing Accuracy

When you work with our experienced e-Filing pros, you eliminate rejections which protects your reputation and saves your firm valuable time.

Free Training

With free on-site or virtual training courses, you can quickly learn to file like a pro using our 4-step system.

Transparent Billing Reports

We provide concise accountant-friendly billing reports for all transactions, fees and billing processes completed with MyFileRunner.

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I ran into a frustrating dead end due to an error at the clerk’s office, on a case I’m working pro bono. What should have been a very simple filing turned into a hassle because of the clerk’s errors. MyFileRunner jumped in and took over communicating with them to get things straightened out, allowing me to focus on other work, which is especially appreciated in a lean solo practice without support staff. Such great service, I appreciate it so much!!

 -Emily Rickers

   Law, PC


I want to compliment all of you for your quick response time, professionalism, and assistance that you have provided. It makes my life so much easier…

 –Teresa L Newsom


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