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You have tried the rest, now trust the best to ensure your legal filings are accurate, secure, and submitted on time! MyFileRunner offers class-leading support even if you do have a question, we dare you to try us. You don’t have to be sentenced to a lifetime of confusing filing processes or time-consuming phone calls with the clerk. MyFileRunner is your simple, secure and efficient solution to making legal filings.

Serving California, Illinois, and Texas

Efficient and Reliable Legal e-Filing Services by MyFileRunner – Streamlining Court Filings for Attorneys and Paralegals in Texas, Illinois, and California.

Why MyFileRunner


White-glove Treatment

Our exceptional customer support is what truly sets us apart. We handle each and every clients’ needs with the same white-glove treatment. We’re not just an 800 number – we’re real, accessible, diligent (and friendly) humans on the other line.


Master-level Knowledge

We study and keep up with the filing rules of every single county. As the industry-leading masters of eFiling, we can help you eliminate rejected filings and maximize your firm’s productivity.


Clerk-Free Workflow

Nobody wants to call the clerk. With our Virtual eFiling Assistant working for you, we’ll work with them so you don’t have to. Spend less time on the phone and more time on the tasks that matter most to your success.


Why Legal Pros
Love Us!


MyFileRunner is wonderful. I love it. It’s so easy to file documents. I cannot imagine living without it now. The best concept ever created. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

 –R. Slaten

Asbestos, Healthcare and Hospitality

Our firm is so thankful for the new and improved e-file system. We love receiving confirmations the SAME day. We are more thankful at the amazing and wonderful customer service we receive from MyFilerunner. They provide the utmost outstanding and professional customer service to our firm. Not to mention the friendliest company we have ever worked with. We consider MyFileRunner a true blessing to our firm.

 –Susana Garcia


Getting to have your help has changed my decision to stop practicing the very little law I was doing.

I thank you from my heart because I now feel I’m on an even field with large firms.

Keep up the good work!

 –Ramon Del Villar


How to get started

MFR Get Started

Already an eFiler?

Have you previously used online filing using a different provider? You can login with your email address & password from your previous provider and begin filing immediately.

MFR Get Started

Full-Service eFile Registration

Let our industry-leading customer support team register your firm for free. Need to add or remove filer accounts? We’ll make sure it’s done quickly and correctly.


Self Registration

Prefer to register yourself? We’ve made the process quick and easy for you. Our team is standing by if any questions or concerns should arise throughout the process.

Hands-on eFile training for the entire team

Eliminate human error, avoid rejections, and ensure notifications get sent to the right people. Our free on-site or virtual training courses are designed and delivered by our team of eFiling masters to teach your entire firm how to use the system properly and efficiently.

Let us do the online filing on your behalf.

Our Virtual eFiling Assistant is the only service of its kind on the market and allows you to skip the eFiling process altogether. Simply send us your case documents and we’ll file them for you.

How fast do you need it done?

All documents and information needed to file are required before the filing process can begin. Terms and conditions apply*

99.9% E-Filing Accuracy

We guarantee your documents will be filed on time, securely, and accurately to avoid rejections and maintain a professional rapport with the courts. We dare you to try us!



Your accountant will thank you!

Effortlessly complete payments directly through our system, while also providing a straightforward, itemized billing report – rather than a list of vague charges on your credit card statement.  Our billing reports make billing back to clients easier, faster and more accurate. 

*Available for approved law firms only.

Filing Accuracy

Keep tedious filing processess off your calendar

Leverage our easy, 4-step system for eFiling with which you can file for a flat-fee of $6.00 per filing, or let one of our Virtual eFiling Assistants take over the entire process for you to eliminate frustrating busywork and focus on more important responsibilities

Already registered with a different provider for eFiling?

Simply log in with your existing credentials and begin filing today!

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Filing Accuracy

Meet your 24/7 dedicated eFiling team

Our team has decades of experience and unparalleled expertise on the intricacies of every county and jurisdiction’s unique processes.  Let us handle everything for you and feel confident that your filing will be completed correctly and on time – every time.

Never File Alone Again With Our Legal Services

By utilizing our simple 4-step system, we have taken the stress out of e-filing.

Never File Alone Again

We’re your 24/7 dedicated eFiling team. Let us file for you and trust that your filing will be be completed correctly & on time – every time.

We have made billing back your clientele breathtakingly easy by giving you itemized reporting!

Never File Alone Again

Electronically serve your documents for no additional charge. We provide secure and permanent storage, instant notifications and legal proof of service.

Ready to discover the MyFileRunner difference?

See why our platform is the #1 choice among law firms of every size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is MyFileRunner?

MyFileRunner is more than just an eFiling Service Provider. We have a team of attorneys and experienced electronic filing experts who handle the entire filing process for you, ensuring that your documents comply with the latest submission guidelines.

Who Does MyFileRunner Serve?

MyFileRunner is ideal for high-volume firms looking to expedite their case management and filing processes. We also provide personalized services for small firms and individuals, giving them the right tools to save time and resources, allowing them to focus on practicing law.

What Makes MyFileRunner The Leading EFiling Service Provider?

MyFileRunner is a Texas-based eFiling service provider with over 15 years of experience serving the legal community. We specialize in offering professional support for attorneys, law firms, and anyone who needs to submit documents to the court system at any level.

What Are The Benefits Of Using MyFileRunner?

MyFileRunner goes above and beyond basic filing features. We ensure your documents are 100% compliant, filed correctly, and delivered on time. We offer secure and permanent document storage, 24/7 access to important files, and access to legal experts who can assist you with any questions or procedures.

Does MyFileRunner Offer Billing Services?

Yes, we have a proprietary billing management system that generates itemized and transparent billing reports, making it easier for your accountant to handle billing and invoicing.

Will I Need To Contact The Court Clerk Myself?

No, with MyFileRunner, you won’t have to contact the court clerk directly. Our Virtual eFiling Assistant maintains constant communication with the relevant clerk, keeping you updated throughout the process.

How Do I Get Started With MyFileRunner?

If you have used an Electronic Service Provider before, you can use your login information to start filing immediately. Just follow four easy steps, and you’re done! Alternatively, you can register for free to access our premium features and enjoy the benefits of partnering with MyFileRunner.

Can I Handle All My Cases And Documents Myself?

Yes, if you prefer to handle all your cases and documents, we offer hands-on training for your team. Our experienced team will guide your staff through the processes and possible scenarios, ensuring they can file confidently and efficiently within minutes. Our support agents are available for immediate assistance with any questions or updates.

How Does MyFileRunner Ensure My Documents Are Filed On Time?

Regardless of the court you need to file with, MyFileRunner guarantees that your documents will be submitted on time. Register for free today and discover why we are the preferred choice among lawyers in Texas.