Getting Started

Meet Simplicity

Getting started is three steps. Register, activate, and begin immediately. If you are already registered with another provider, you are all set. All you need to do is login with your existing credentials from your previous provider.


We are here for you.

We have an easy to use module and we offer training should the need arise. Our friendly customer support is available to you 24/7/365 for anything that comes up. For all of our users, we offer training for individual users all the way up to the firms, so whatever you or your firm needs, we’re here to help.

Simple Pricing Solutions

Results that matter!

At MyFileRunner, we believe that all filers are created equal. We offer simple pricing and solutions for eFiling and eService, so you can spend more time filing, and less time reading complicated charges.

Customer Support

MyFileRunner is available 24/7/365. We are here to answer questions, mediate filing issues you may have with the clerks, and/or walk you through your filing step by step.

Concierge Services

With MyFileRunner as your Filing Provider, you can request to have us register your firm’s users at no charge. MyFileRunner will also submit your filings if you are experiencing computer issues, not in the office, or having some other filing difficulty.


MyFileRunner offers training individually, or in a group setting, whichever is most convenient to your staff. After training, MyFileRunner will be available to you to walk you through as many files as needed until you are completely confident with eFiling.

Free Document Retention

When you file with MyFileRunner, your filed documents are saved in perpetuity for no charge.

Free Document Conversion

We will convert your WordPerfect, Word and docx documents automatically. MyFileRunner will automatically alert you if your document is ‘Secured’.


Billing is available for approved law firms. Please contact us for more information or if you would like to be considered for billing.

Custom Reports

MyFileRunner offers immediate reports showing you all filing activity done in your firm with MyFileRunner.  Reports feature over 17 data categories such as:  client matter number, trace number, case name, jurisdiction, filing type and itemized fees.


When you file with MyFileRunner, you can be assured your filings will be submitted successfully. Your envelope number and acknowledgment is provided in 5 seconds or less. In most cases, your documents will be file stamped and available for viewing/downloading within 24 hours (many times in just 30 minutes).


MyFileRunner has a natural flow in five easy steps to fill out in order to file your documents to the courts.  By condensing the steps to file your documents, we have created an intuitive progression that dramatically reduces the time needed to file your documents, so you can spend more time accomplishing and less time filing.

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