E-Filing Solutions that Refocus your team on what matters most

No matter the complexity of the filing, we’ll file it accurately, efficiently, and cost-effectively – every single time. Let MyFileRunner take over your e-filing efforts, so your firm can focus on growth.

E-Filing Solutions for Large Firms

How it Works

We offer full-service virtual filing services, as well as the option to file on your own with a simplified 5-step system.

MFRVirtual eFiling Assistant

Simply send us your case documents and we’ll file on your behalf. Feel confident that your documents are filed accurately and on time.

MFRSelf Service System

Effortlessly file on your own with our straightforward 5-step system. Give your team thorough filing training so they can file with our level of expertise.

Get it done fast
without lifting a finger!

Work with one of our experienced Virtual eFiling Assistants and let your team focus on helping people. We handle the entire process with careful attention to detail and urgency, and can file for you in as quickly as an hour.

All documents and information needed to file are required before the filing process can begin. Terms and conditions apply*


Leverage in-person
or virtual training courses tailored for Large Firms

As masters of eFiling, we’ve trained hundreds of legal teams on how to file with accuracy to avoid rejected filings and save valuable time. We offer both virtual and in-person courses to set your team up for eFiling success.


Accurately register your firm for eFiling


Set up notifications correctly to ensure nothing gets overlooked


Complete legal filings with efficiency and accuracy


Eliminate rejections to save time and money


Billing back to clients-  simplified

With our Billing feature, you can complete payments directly through our system and provide your accountants with detailed, yet straightforward billing reports. Our billing system simplifies the process of billing back to clients, so you can get paid back quicker.

Fast, Accurate, and Rejection-free Filing

We’re the only solution that offers full service filing, completed by experts with 19+ years of experience. You can trust that your documents will be filed correctly and on time, no matter what.

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Hear from

other attorneys…


For me, MyFileRunner means S-U-P-P-O-R-T when you need it most! If I have trouble filing a document with voluminous exhibits, if I have trouble with my computer during a filing, or whatever the situation is, I know I can count on MyFileRunner to be there to support me and I know that I can go home knowing my filing was completed successfully and timely.


Oil and Gas

The MyFileRunner staff has never let me down – not once. I can count on this staff to answer my questions about e-filing or Texas e-filing rules any time I call. Always. There can’t possibly be a better service provider out there.


Asbestos, Healthcare and Hospitality

Ready to say goodbye to time-consuming filing processes?

Let MyFileRunner be your dedicated 24/7/365 eFiling team.