MyFileRunner eFiling FAQ

Does It Matter Which Provider I Choose For eFiling?

Absolutely. The eFiling service provider you select is critical to your firm’s success. MyFileRunner sets itself apart by offering unmatched knowledge and dedicated customer support available 24/7/365. Our commitment ensures a 100% success rate for your firm’s court filings. As one of the inaugural e-Filing service providers, MyFileRunner boasts a legacy of experience and expertise that directly benefits your legal practice.

Which Courts Currently Accept eFiling?

What Proof Of Service Do I Receive If I Serve Attorneys Electronically?

When you utilize electronic service to serve attorneys through MyFileRunner, proof of service is readily accessible within the eFiling details. Simply navigate to the service list section. Here, you can view comprehensive information, including the name of the recipient, their email address, the delivery status (indicating whether the document has been opened), and the exact date of service. This transparent and detailed proof of service ensures you have a clear record of your electronic service actions.

How Will I Be Notified When I Have Been Electronically Serviced?

MyFileRunner ensures you’re always updated promptly. When you are electronically serviced, a notification is sent directly to the email address registered with your account. This efficient and immediate email notification system keeps you informed of all electronic service activities, ensuring you never miss a critical update in your legal proceedings.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

MyFileRunner caters to your convenience by accepting a variety of payment methods. We support all major credit cards, providing a seamless transaction experience. Additionally, we offer the option of eChecks, subject to acceptance by the local court. This flexibility ensures that your transactions with us are hassle-free and tailored to your preferences.

*MyFileRunner accepts all major credit cards and eChecks

*eChecks are dependent on the acceptance of the local court.

Do I Need To Scan Or Convert Documents To .Pdf First?

No. Once you upload the documents, MyFileRunner automatically converts the documents to text-searchable .pdf format. If you have a scanned document, you will need to convert to text-searchable .pdf format before upload.

Can I Request Preparation Of Citations Electronically?

Yes. Citations can be requested within the filing. 

How Do I Know When My eFiling Is Accepted?

You will receive an email notification stating your filing has been approved and file stamped. The email will include a link to the file stamped document located in “My Filings” in your account.

Can I Cancel A Filing After I Have Submitted It?

Yes, you may cancel the filing during the ‘submitted’ status.