Accountant-friendly billing?
Yeah, we do that too.

Our built-in billing features are designed to keep your accountant happy and make billing back to clients easier than ever.

Online Account Billing for Firms

Generate clear and straightforward billing reports

Say goodbye to vague and indecipherable credit card statements. We provide detailed billing reports that include an itemized list of each transaction and fee that is completed through our eFiling system. Your accountant will thank you.

online payment system for large law firms

the process of billing
back to clients

Our billing reports offer a simple and efficient way to bill back your clients for the fees they are responsible for paying, so you can get paid faster.

Leverage our built-in
payment structure
for larger firms

For firms with complex and expensive court cases, we handle all payment processes for you and make it easy for your accounts receivable team to manage payments.

online payment system for large law firms
online payment system for large law firms

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The world we live in is ever changing, and even the government is catching up. My county now does all court filings online – which is great… until a system error brings it crashing to a halt. Enter MyFileRunner, problem solver extraordinaire, who kindly and professionally held my hand through multiple phone calls and system errors. Sometimes, paralegals hit brick walls we can’t navigate around and it takes companies like MyFileRunner to poke holes in those walls and make it possible to serve clients as best we can. Thanks, MyFileRunner. Your assistance today was immeasurable!

 –Bethany Bossard

  Paralegal, GCO-Law

My File Runner is a great e-service/e-filing provider with great customer service! Their team is always available and happy to help. They make e-serving and e-filing easy.

 –Lauren Benton

Human Resources Manager & Legal Assistant, Hall Maines Lugrin

I want to compliment all of you for your quick response time, professionalism, and assistance that you have provided. It makes my life so much easier …

 –Teresa L Newsom


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