Take the stress out
of the eFiling experience for your small to mid-size law firm

Tap into our 19+ years experience, unmatched expertise and simplified system to keep frustrating filing processes off the agenda and spare your team hours of uninspiring work.

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How does it work?

Think of us as your dedicated team of eFiling experts at your service 24/7/365.

MFRVirtual eFiling Assistant

Send us your documents and we’ll file on your behalf. We’ll make sure your documents are filed right and on time.

MFRSelf Service System

Easily file on your own with our simple 5-step eFiling system. Plus, we’ll train your entire firm how to use it like a pro.


From Do-It-Yourself
 to Done-For-You

Whether you choose to use our simplified eFiling system on your own or leverage our Virtual eFiling Assistant to file your documents on your behalf, MyFileRunner takes the stress out of the filing experience.

Work with
a Virtual eFiling Assistant

Tired of confusing filing processes, time-wasting conversations with the clerk, and other eFiling headaches? Let us file on your behalf and you can leave them all behind.

All documents and information needed to file are required before the filing process can begin. Terms and conditions apply*

Already an eFiler?

If you’ve already filed electronically using a different provider, you can login with your email address & password from your previous provider and begin filing immediately!


Turn your team into eFiling wonders

Explore our virtual training resources or enroll your team in one of our on-site training courses.

Learn how to:

checkedRegister your firm efficiently and correctly

checkedEnsure the right notifications go to the right people

checkedComplete legal filings with ease and accuracy

checkedEliminate rejected filings


Generate account-
friendly reports

Keep your numbers in order and your accountant happy with our itemized billing reports that are automatically generated and sent to you. We make billing back to clients easier, faster and more accurate.


Hear from

other firms…

MyFileRunner is wonderful. I love it. It’s so easy to file documents. I cannot imagine living without it now. The best concept ever created. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

 –R. Slaten

Asbestos, Healthcare and Hospitality

Our firm is so thankful for the new and improved e-file system. We love receiving confirmations the SAME day. We are more thankful at the amazing and wonderful customer service we receive from MyFilerunner. They provide the utmost outstanding and professional customer service to our firm. Not to mention the friendliest company we have ever worked with. We consider MyFileRunner a true blessing to our firm.

 –Susana Garcia


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