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eFiling Now, Getting Started

Getting Started

blue arrowGetting Started Overview

All you need to do to begin filing is register.  If you are an assistant, you will also need to register the attorney you are filing on behalf of (see the registration options below.)  Once registered, you can begin filing immediately.  For knowing the most efficient and successful ways to eFile, we suggest that you call for training or allow us to walk you through your first eFiling.

blue arrowRegistration:

Registration Option 1:Registration Concierge

Registration Concierge:  Best Option

Why hassle with registering your firm?  Why hassle with having to manage your account?  MyFileRunner will register your firm and completely manage your account for free!  When you need to add more filing delegates, remove filer accounts, add more delegates to attorney profiles, you can do this with one email or phone call!  Call MyFileRunner at 800.908.5110 or email support@myfilerunner.com and request your firm to be registered via our Registration Concierge.

Registration Option 2: 

Self Registration:  Quick and Easy

To register yourself or your firm, click “Register”.  Follow the easy steps on the one page registration form. 


  1. Pro Se filers, Court Reporters, Property Managers, and other non-firm filers will need to register as an Individual User.
  2. Firm accounts will want to first register as a Firm Administrator and add all users and attorneys within that account.
  3. It is best to review “eFiling Requirements” before starting moving forward to eFiling. 


Once you are registered you can begin eFiling immediately (it is recommended that you read “eFiling Tips” and “eFiling Requirements” before your first eFiling).  Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Prepare the documents that you would like to file.  Hard copies need to be scanned.  We also accept Word Documents, WordPerfect Documents, .rtf, html, or PDF files. 
  2. Gather information on the case:  cause number, court calendar, citation addresses and attorney’s names to serve.
  3. Log in to the www.myfilerunner.com website.  Tip:  Log in as yourself, not the attorney. 
  4. Click "Home" located at the top of navigation bar on the left. Choose "File To Courts". Choose whether you are filing an Original Filing or into an existing case. Click here to download our Filing Guide. 

If you would like assistance at any point, please contact MyFileRunner at 800.908.5110.

While eFiling is straightforward and simple, it is best is you call MyFileRunner to schedule a 20 minute online training or request to be walked through your filing immediately.  Training offers you additional insight that provides you with tools to have a more successful and efficient filing experience.

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Our firm is so thankful for the new and improved efile system.  We love receiving confirmations the SAME day.  We are even more thankful at the amazing and wonderful customer service we receive from MyFileRunner.  They provide the utmost outstanding and professional customer service to our firm.  Not to mention the friendliest company we have ever worked with.  We consider MyFileRunner a true blessing to our firm.
Susana Garcia

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