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Current eFiler: Begin Immediately

Have you previously electronically filed using a different provider? Login with your email address and password from your previous provider and begin filing.  MyFileRunner will automatically retrieve all of your account information and filings from the EFM and have it available within your MyFileRunner account.

Registration Concierge-Best Option

Why hassle with registering your account?  MyFileRunner will register your firm for free!  When adding more filing delegates, removing filer accounts, adding more delegates to attorney profiles, simply call or email us. Contact us to request your firm to be registered via our Registration Concierge today

Self Registration: Quick and Easy

To register yourself or your firm, click “Register”.  Pro Se filers, Court Reporters, Property Managers, and other non-firm filers will need to register as an Individual User. Firm accounts and attorneys will register as a Firm Administrator and add all users and attorneys within that account.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be no decision more important for your firm.  Unlike any other provider, MyFileRunner provides the highest level of knowledge and service.  When working with a MyFileRunner representative, you can be assured of 100% success of your firm’s filings to the courts.  MyFileRunner was one of the first e-Filing companies to go live with the state – we are masters at e-Filing and you are our success story. 

  • California: Click here for a list of all California courts online. 
  • Illinois: Click here for a list of all Illinois courts online.
  • Indiana: Click here for a list of all Indiana courts online.
  • Texas: Click here for a list of all Texas courts online.

The proof of service is within the filing details. Scroll down to the service list, and you will be able to view the name, email, status – whether it has been opened or not, and the served date.

You will receive an email to the email registered in the senders account. 

MyFileRunner accepts all major credit cards and eChecks*.
*eChecks are dependent on the acceptance of the local court. 

No. MyFileRunner accepts WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, doc, docx, html, .rtf, html,.txt files and .pdf files.  Once you upload the documents, MyFileRunner automatically converts the documents to text-searchable .pdf format. If you have a scanned document, you will need to convert to text-searchable .pdf format before upload.

Yes. Citations can be requested within the filing.  

You will receive an email notification stating your filing has been approved and file stamped. The email will include a link to the file stamped document located in “My Filings” in your account.

Yes, you may cancel the filing during the ‘submitted’ status.

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