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Why eFile? MyFileRunner

Why eFiling

In partnership with, MyFileRunner was created as an Electronic Service Provider (EFSP) for attorneys and assistants to file their court documents online in state district and county courts.

blue arrowWhy eFile with MyFileRunner?

  • AVAILABLE  24/7/365:   MyFileRunner doesn’t take holidays and we don’t close down at 5:00pm.  We are here to answer questions, mediate filing issues you may have with the clerks, and/or walk you through your filing step by step.
  • TRAINING: MyFileRunner offers training individually, or in a group setting, whichever is most convenient to your staff.
  • CUSTOM BILLING REPORTS:  MyFileRunner offers slick monthly reports showing you all filing activity done in your firm.  Reports feature over 17 data categories such as:  client matter number, trace number, case name, jurisdiction, filing type and itemized fee’s. 
  • FLAT FEE Pricing:  MyFileRunner takes the confusion out of pricing.  We charge one flat fee for eFiling and eService combined. 
  • FEWER SCREENS to fill out:  MyFileRunner has the fewest screens to fill out in order to file your documents to the courts.  This not only makes understanding how to eFile extremely easy but it dramatically cuts your time needed to file.
  • HIGHLY TRAINED Representatives:  Our representatives are highly trained in the eFiling specifics of each jurisdiction.  When you call, they will have an answer.  In addition, each representative is given a case write up on each Law Firm that files with MyFileRunner.  MyFileRunner representatives are trained to understand who you are what your needs are.  When you call MyFileRunner, we personally know who you are!

Why File Electronically?  Is it that much better than paper filing? 

YES!  Take a look at some of the comparisons: Getting started with MyFileRunner

Electronic Filing
Manual Filing
Length of Time to File Documents
5 minutes
1 or more hours (copying, printing, envelope stuffing, courier, etc)
Clerk Processing Time (for orders)
30 minutes or less
2 - 3 days
Fee Calculating
Automatic - no errors
Manual - risk of error and rejection
After Hours Accessibility
24 hours - your filing deadlines are now extended to 11:59pm.
Court closes at 5:00pm
$6.00 (plus $6.00 court fee)
(average cost for all preparation and delivery costs)
eFile from anywhere that has an internet connection
Court house of the jurisdiction you are filing in
Receipt of Delivery of Documents
Receive a confirmation of receipt in seconds
No confirmation of receipt
Delivery of File Stamped Copy
Emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt
Not available electronically
Trace number received allow the documents to be retrieved from various sites
Paper documents carry more risk of being misplaced

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Our firm is so thankful for the new and improved efile system.  We love receiving confirmations the SAME day.  We are even more thankful at the amazing and wonderful customer service we receive from MyFileRunner.  They provide the utmost outstanding and professional customer service to our firm.  Not to mention the friendliest company we have ever worked with.  We consider MyFileRunner a true blessing to our firm.
Susana Garcia

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