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eFiling Tips

These tips are a snapshot of our most requested tips.  For more information, please see "eFiling Requirements", "FAQ's", "Filing Guide" and the "Quick Start Guide".

#1 eFiling Tip:

It is recommended that you memorize the MyFileRunner 5 minute rule:  "Customers of MyFileRunner should not spend more than 5 minutes finding needed information for submitting their eFilings." eFiling is very simple and quick.  If you are not experiencing this with your eFile, please contact MyFileRunner right away so that we can assist you.  We have made ourselves available to you 24/7/365 to ensure your satisfaction and success with eFiling.


Ordering Citations: When ordering citations, be sure to also order service copies to equal the number of pages in the document being served multiplied by the number of citations ordered.


Document Storing Deadlines: MyFileRunner will store all of your eFiling and eService documents that you have filed (or that was served to you) for 30 days.  If you would like electronic access to your documents for a longer period of time, it is best that you download them to your hard drive or server.  Otherwise you will have to contact the courts to receive a hard copy.

Lead Document Definition: Your lead document is simply defined as the document that will receive the file stamp.  MyFileRunner allows the uploading of multiple lead documents. Some counties do not allow multiple pleadings or multiple lead documents per filing. Please check the county's website for more specific filing instructions.

eServing Attorneys:

Searching for attorney name in database:  In order to eServe an attorney, they must be on the Service Contact Public list with eFileTexas. To determine if an attorney is on the list, you can search for their name on Step 3 of the filing. You may enter their first initial and last name then click 'search'. If the attorney is found, you may attach the service contact to the filing.

If you would like to determine if the attorney is registered, before you begin your eFiling, contact MyFileRunner and an associate will look up the attorney for you.

Logging In:

UserID and Password to Use: It is best to log in as yourself, not as your attorney.  Once you log in, you will be given a drop down list of attorneys to file on behalf of.  When you file under your personal log in identity, you can be assured that you will personally receive copies of all clerk notifications regarding your filing.  Lastly, if there is a problem with a filing, your contact info. located within your log in identity, will allow us to contact you directly. 

Forgot Password and/or UserID: For your security, your account will lock out after 5 unsuccessful attempts to logging into your account. If this happens, or if you don't recall your password please click "forgot password" MyFileRunner will unlock your account and provide a temporary password. You may also contact your Firm Administrator and they are able to unlock your account within the 'User Management' option. Or contact MyFileRunner at 800.908.5110 for any assistance you may need.

Review Before Submission:

Review filing before submitting: The last page of your eFile is a summary for your entire eFile.  It is important that you review each section for accuracy before submitting to the courts.   If however, you find that you have made a mistake after submitting the documents to the court, you may cancel the filing by clicking on the ‘x’ in the right column under ‘My Filings’. Please contact MyFileRunner if this does not resolve your issue and an associate will be able to assist you

Session Timing Out:

Timing Out: For your security, eFiling sessions are scheduled to time out after 30 minutes of not being in use.  It is recommended that you have your documents and any needed information ready when you begin your eFiling submission.  If you are timed out, your filing is automatically saved as a ‘Draft’ through the step in which you last clicked ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen. You may retrieve your draft within ‘My Filings’ under the Draft Filings tab


Signatures: The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 21(f)7, states “A document that is electronically served, filed, or issued by a court or clerk is considered signed if the document includes: (A) a ‘/s/’ and name typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear unless the document is notarized or sworn; or (B) an electronic image or scanned image of the signature.”

Affidavits, signed agreements and notorized documents will require a wet (scanned) signature.

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There is not a more dependable part of my day than e-filing with My File Runner. . The best part of this is their customer service. I have called with a variety of problems and questions, especially when I was new to this, and every time they helped me in a very professional, knowledgeable and calm manner. If they were not able to help me right away, they never failed to get back to me with a solution before the end of the day. You know when you are really in a pinch and someone helps you and you just want to hug them? – that’s where I’ve been with their customer service representatives!

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