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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I register with MyFileRunner?
    Go to www.myfilerunner.com, click on the register link, fill out the form and submit.  Too busy to register?  Call 800.908.5110 and let the staff at MyFileRunner register your firm for you! 

  2. After registering, how long do I have to wait before I can eFile?
    You can begin filing immediately after registering with MyFileRunner.

  3. Can someone else file on my behalf?
    Yes, you can designate anyone that is registered with MyFileRunner to file on your behalf.  Paralegals, legal secretaries, or your associates can file for you.

Customer Service

  1. Do you offer training?
    Yes, training is available for all MyFileRunner clients.  MyFileRunner offers one-on-one and group training.  Call 800-908-5110 to schedule training.

  2. What about customer support?
    Toll-free customer support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Call us anytime you have a question and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be glad to help you.

General Information

  1. Which courts currently accept electronic filings?
    There are multiple courts in the state of Texas that currently accept electronic filings.  All of the heavy filing jurisdictions are online (Harris, Dallas, Travis, Bexar, El Paso etc.)  Additional courts are being added on a regular basis. See “Mandatory E-Filing” for a list of Counties and their mandated deadlines. See "Courts Online" for up to date listings of online jurisdictions.

  2. How secure is electronic filing?
    All information transmitted between you and the courts is encrypted and all documents are converted to an unalterable PDF format.  When information is encrypted it makes it impossible for anyone except the sender and receiver to read the information.

  3. Does it matter which eFiling provider I choose?
    Absolutely.  Quality and responsive customer service determines the ultimate success of eFiling at your firm.  Whether you are up against a tight deadline, or under pressure to get your filings submitted, you need quick answers from a responsive and knowledgeable eFiling provider.

  4. What are the system requirements for eFiling?
    You can submit electronic filings from any PC or Mac with Internet Explorer 9 or 10, FireFox 20 or above, and Google Chrome 20 or above.  Check “eFiling Requirements” to see a more detailed list of requirements.


  1. What are the Rules of Civil Procedure for electronic filing?
    The Supreme Court approved changes to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure as well as the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure on December 13, 2013.  Please see Misc. Docket No. 13-9165 for a listing of the electronic filing rules

  2. What types of filings are required to be submitted electronically to the courts?
    Wills are not required by the mandate to be electronically filed.  ‘The following documents must not be electronically filed:  documents filed under seal or presented to the court in camera, and documents to which access is otherwise restricted by law or court order.’

  3. How are electronic filings authorized?
    The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 21(f)7, states “A document that is electronically served, filed, or issued by a court or clerk is considered signed if the document includes: (A) a ‘/s/’ and name typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear unless the document is notarized or sworn; or (B) an electronic image or scanned image of the signature.” Affidavits, signed agreements and notorized documents will require a wet (scanned) signature. 

  4. How do I know when my filing is accepted?
    As soon as the filing is successfully submitted, you will receive an email notification from no-reply@eFileTexas.gov stating it has been received.  Upon approval, you will automatically be emailed a second notification and you may retrieve your file stamped lead document from the link on the email as well as within “My Filings’ in your MyFileRunner.com account

  5. What determines the date and time that gets file stamped onto the filing?
    Upon acceptance of the filing (approval), your lead document will be electronically file stamped with the date and time that you submitted the document.  Note that the date & time stamped on your filing is that of the jurisdiction in which you are submitting your document. This is important when you are submitting documents to a jurisdiction in a different time zone.

  6. What is my deadline with electronic filing?
    Filings with an end of business day statutory deadline can be filed until midnight.  You can also file on court holidays.  If a document is filed on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, it is deemed filed on the next business day.

  7. How is it possible for eFiling to extend my deadline to 11:59pm?
    Rules of Civil Procedure states that any filing with an end of business day statutory deadline can be filed.  Additionally all of your documents are file stamped with the date and time they are submitted, not the date and time the clerk processed them.  For example, if you make an electronic filing at 7PM on January 2nd and the clerk approves the filing at 9AM on January 4th, the document will be file stamped 7PM, January 2nd.

  8. Who will receive clerk notifications?
    The filers receive filing notifications. The attorneys receive electronic service notifications.

  9. Can I cancel a filing after I have submitted it?
    Yes, you may cancel the filing only during the ‘submitted’ status.

  10. Can I issue citations electronically?
    Yes.  In most jurisdictions, the option to order citations is located on Step 4 of the eFiling.

  11. How do I file an Order?
    The filing of orders vary by county. Please click here for a list of counties and their respective requirements.  If you do not see your county listed, please contact MyFileRunner at support@myfilerunner.com or 1-800-908-5110 for assistance

  12. When can I start eFiling on a case?
    You can start filing electronically on a case at anytime.

  13. Why am I not receiving email notifications from the clerk regarding my filings and services being sent to me?
    Your mail server may be blocking the emails.  You will be receiving notifications from no-reply@eFilingTexas.gov. It is important that this email address be added to your safe sender list.  If not, you may not receive clerk notifications of your eFilings.


  1. Can I electronically access all of the documents that have been filed on a case in the courts?
    At this time you can only access the filings that you have submitted electronically or that you have been electronically served with.  The state of Texas is currently determining the best way to manage personal and sensitive information that may be included in the documents.  Once they have developed a method to manage the personal and sensitive information in the case, documents will become publicly available.

  2. Do I need to scan or convert documents to .pdf first?
    No. MyFileRunner accepts Microsoft Word, doc, docx, html, .rtf, html,.txt files and .pdf files.  Once you upload the documents, MyFileRunner automatically converts the documents to a .pdf format.

  3. How large can each document be?
    The maximum envelope size is 35MB. This includes all documents and filing information contained in the envelope.


  1. I received an email stating that I have been served.  How do I retrieve the documents served?
    You can click on the link within the Notification Email. From there you can view the documents and save them to your computer.

  2. What proof of service do I receive if I serve attorneys electronically?
    The proof of service is within the filing details. Click 'My Filings', click the blue icon in the right column and the filing details will be displayed. Scroll down under Service. You will be able to see if the service contact opened the documents.

  3. How will I be notified when I have been eServed?
    The attorney served will receive an email notification stating which documents have been served and for which cause number.  If you would like your assistant to receive the email notification, you may set up an email rule to copy all emails to your assistant.


  1. How much does it cost to eFile?
    MyFileRunner charges a flat fee of $6.00 per eFiling submission.  We do not charge monthly or annual subscription fees. 

  2. How much does it cost to eServe?
    There is no charge to eServe.

  3. How can MyFileRunner offer so many services for free and still have such a low eFiling fee?
    MyFileRunner chooses to invest in their customers rather than expensive print marketing.  This high level of focus on our customers has made us on of the best liked eFiling providers in Texas.   Not only do we retain the customers we have, we are also able to gain customers by word of mouth.  Because we don’t have to advertise as much to attract and retain customers, we are able to pass that savings on to you…..our valued customer.

  4. What payment options do you offer?
    MyFileRunner accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  However, some jurisdictions do not accept Discover or American Express.  The firm credit card can be securely stored within the firm admin account. Filers will charge the filing fees to this account but will not have access to the credit card number. We also offer monthly billing for approved firms.  Please contact MyFileRunner if you would like to be considered for monthly billing.

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Just wanted to say “Thank you very much” for helping out with my first e-file. I found it easy with all the information you gave me. You’re a life saver!
Angelica D. Castorena

apartment manager