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As the best Illinois e-filing service provider, we use the latest software to design tax returns for individuals and corporate bodies at affordable prices. You do not need to worry about defaulting on any government law or missing out on a policy that promotes your business. We have well-trained employees dedicated to providing excellent services in all areas of taxation.

The central government has a strict policy against tax defaulters, and I am sure you would not like to be among individuals that would have to pay any tax evasion fine. Instead of going through so much stress to contribute your quota to the development of society, let our Illinois efile do the hard work for you.

Choose us today as your legal Illinois efiling partner as we help you handle all government-related payments and provide service in storing necessary documents. Either at the state or federal level, be rest assured we got you covered.

Interestingly, all our activities are computerizing as MyFileRunner uses the latest technological upgrade for payment remittance and other related services. Apart from providing a first-class e-filing network, our employees with numerous years of experience know how to effectively apply each platform for prompt and simplified data storage without affecting our client’s business activities.

Others might experience one or more delays due to incomplete details either on the organization or client part. With the MyFileRunner platform, we put you through every efile Illinois courts & legal documents essential for your business. Our clients are important to us, so we always enlighten them on the process of tax remittance and how their funds contribute to the development of society.

MyFileRunner understands that not every individual might be able to afford a uniform payment. Hence, we create a flexible package option so you can select a plan suitable for your pocket size. So choose us today as your e-filing partner.


Some e-filing Illinois still use the physical method of gathering documents which has numerous disadvantages. Instead, a reputable organization uses the latest technology to accumulate information and always get documents ready before a court hearing to avoid any delay in a legal case.

Residents of Cook County, IL affirm MyFileRunner as the best e-filing agency in the locality because services range across different ramifications. Others might specialize in a specific niche like e-filing for taxation or storing court documents, but we offer all services related to documentation and settling government utilities.

You do not have to worry about physically handling files irrespective of locations; hire us today as your preferred choice and while you go about other tasks. Clients are involved at each stage of their desired plan for better service delivery to enable suggestions and recommendations for better services.

We provide each storage niche for every customer to avoid disruption and make sorting easier when required. You do not have to keep records physically when we can deploy our Cook county efile to assist you in this aspect with no hassle.

There are reports of individuals in Dupage county having issues with storing documents and remitting necessary levies to the authorities. However, the presence of MyFileRunner in this province proves that people do not require much stress when it comes to e-filing. With just a single call from your bedroom, your efile Illinois taxes will cause no delay in no time.

Because of our excellent services, our client continues to refer us to their friends and families, so our organization is a household name in the province. In addition, all our transactions are digital, as we understand the massive role technology plays in the effective dissemination of information.

If it is about price, you do not need to empty your bank account as we have a suitable plan to make you happy. You only need to give us a try once and enjoy numerous benefits clearly stated in our terms & conditions.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction as we have never recorded performing below expectation. Excellent is an understatement to the outstanding services you enjoy when you place a call through to us today.

Our 24/7 support team is hired based on merit across different locations worldwide as we do not give room to racism. We have a culture of promoting love and giving our best to make sure you are always happy.

When it comes to documentation, Peoria county efile, and other related services, it is advisable to deal with an institute that is certified and has numerous years of experience in the industry. Additionally, some challenges require diplomacy as only a professional organization will understand how to navigate to ensure customers did not receive any unnecessary complaints.

MyFileRunner, as your e-filing choice, is licensed by the authorities to operate within any geography with no restriction. So, either you are in Peoria or not, don’t stress yourself with a digital data storage hurdle. Our representative will enlighten you on the range of packages we offer with a single phone conversation.

As a government-licensed organization, it means we have swift access to getting your data protection issues sorted in no time, unlike other competitors. After choosing a package plan, we put you through the result of the procedure and resolve the hurdles before the stipulated duration.

Among numerous license e-filing institutes, clients choose us as the best in Peoria because we continue to reiterate our commitment to providing top-notch services at considerable prices. So if you are in Peoria and worried about settling any government levies document, let us be your plug.

Apart from offering services for corporate bodies, we have various plans for individuals that don’t want to default in their civic duty of contributing to the development of society.

If you reside within Clark county, you only need to choose MyFileRunner for all tax and legal-related e-filing as we have got you covered. Aside from being licensed as a reputable organization by the authorities, we have received numerous recognitions indicating our commitment to providing the best services.

There are various positive reviews about our platform available on the internet for you to peruse, so you can learn about the numerous benefits you are eligible for by signing a contract with us.

Our reputation always precedes us as we have an extensive network within Clark county and neighboring provinces. If there is any legal document you have an issue dealing with, call MyFileRunner first, and you may qualify to enjoy a huge discount today.

You do not need to come down to our head office to have an agreement with us; with just a phone call or email, our diligent staff will enlighten you on our customer-centered terms & conditions.


Free document conversion

Whichever format you have your document in, instead of paying a considerable amount to convert the files to your desired design, MyFileRunner offers these services with zero hard work. All you have to do is register on our platform and indicate interest in a plan as you enjoy unlimited conversion. Clients across different provinces in Illinois continue to use our platform because we offer these services with no payment required. Free document conversion implies that you do not have to pay any amount or hidden changes to convert your court document, taxation details, or any important files. Likewise, our platform is straightforward to navigate with no hurdles.


Trust is a huge responsibility when dealing with customers. Most clients don’t like to hear unnecessary stories about legal dealing, so they are always skeptical about choosing any company for their e-filing service. However, from different reviews we have, which you can also access, we have witnessed less than 1% negative reviews as most of our customers rate us A+ when it comes to satisfying client needs. With a single try of our service, you definitely will not regret it. So, instead of going through the physical stress of handling files and sorting out government levies, you have us here; let us serve you. Unlike other competitors, we are veterans in this industry, which means you are dealing with an organization that understands the rudiment of e-filing. If you have any suggestions or comments on how we can better serve you, our humble representatives are ready to listen to your opinion. Similarly, we have a flexible payment method or plan which you can sign up for today.

Concierge services

You may encounter difficulties when filing. This can be very frustrating. Our efficient filing service can help you avoid this. You can benefit from a variety of concierge services offered by MyFileRunner. MyFileRunner offers premium concierge and concierge services as well as complimentary concierge services. Complimentary concierge includes registration and filing concierge. All your new lawyers, attorneys, and assistants will be registered by us. Your service users will also be added. Training is also available. Our concierge service is a premium option that will help you ease the burden of filing. We'll handle everything. For effective service delivery to our esteemed clients, MyFileRunner uses top-notch technological gadgets to perform concierge services. We understand that sometimes you might be overwhelmed with official duties and forget some key details or schedules, so why don’t you hire us as your concierge plug. At the same time, we provide periodic reminders and help schedule your tasks for better productivity. Our packages are not restricted to only corporate bodies as we have plans for individuals with flexible payment methods. So if you have a business goal you would like to achieve soon and plan your daily activities to make this dream a reality, MyFileRunner is here to serve you.

Free document retention

Document retention is common among organizations compared to individuals; it is simply a process of creating a system that determines the importance of a document and how it is practical to attain its goal. Most corporate bodies go through a series of stress to manage documents as some could be missing if not properly managed. At MyFileRunner, we do not undermine any document. Hence, we deploy an effective cloud storage system to help keep records of every respective client as we also ensure they quickly access it by required. Most companies employ the service of an e-filing agency to help store their essential data. Choose MyFileRunner as your preferred option today, and you enjoy the benefit of keeping unlimited data without paying a dime. So why wait? Jump on this offer today.

Custom Reports

An analytic report that helps to sort details in terms of arrangement, metrics, and display is the custom report. This approach is practical for companies that have significant data and would like to sort selected information in a short duration. The sorted report is in formatting options like columns, headings, etc. It provides detailed information about data without wasting much time. When you use the right technology for a custom report, your document is safe, duly arranged, and well precise. Likewise, you do not need to go through any stress of analysis as there is a software you can use to interpret your data to get your desired outcome.

Customer support

Client satisfaction is an essential part of every business. If you want to identify a company performing below par in the industry, check their customer’s review and observe remarks from individuals who have first-hand experience from the organization. On our platform, reputation has always preceded us as the client chose us as the best when it regards providing first-class e-filing services for customers. Individuals that patronize us always recommend us to their friends and allies.

You don’t have to worry about keeping your document safe when you have MyFileRunner ready to perform this task at a considerable price. We have a large digital platform that can accumulate all your data with no hassle, legal, commercial or personal information irrespective of the size.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a filer without a lawyer and need to support your case in court, you’ll have to file documents to the court in Illinois. First, gather all the required documents and e-file using MyFileRunner. Fill in all the details correctly and proceed to allow MFR e-file your documents.

In choosing the best Illinois service provider, there are several factors to consider. This includes user-friendliness, billing features, experience, reliability, customer support, reputation, etc. Let’s consider each of these factors.

User-friendliness: Is the website mobile-friendly and responsive? Can you easily navigate through the steps on the service provider? What are the requirements for filing?  Consider all these before choosing an EFSP. Then, opt for the user-friendly one.

Billing Features: How’s the billing system? Does the service provider offer simplified billing? Think about this before selecting any efiling provider. Look for EFSP that allows upfront disbursement of fees to the court on your behalf, weekly billing options, billing codes to be assigned to filings.

Ensure they accept your most preferred form of payment. Courts using the eFile CA system charges clients for court filing fees, court convenience fee that doubles as credit card charges, charges for service of process and EFSP fee. Put all these into consideration before settling for any e-filing provider.

Customer Support: Do they offer great customer service? What are their hours of operation? How can you reach out to them? What means of communication is the fastest? Is the customer support team helpful? Consider all this as it will help your decision-making. A good EFSP should have dedicated customer support that offers clients unique, step-by-step tutorials and extensive training.

Experience: Do your most preferred EFSP have an in-depth understanding and experience of filing in Illinois? Being legally experienced or technologically advanced isn’t only the yardstick for choosing the ideal one. Choosing an efiling solution that has both legal expertise and knowledge of technology. Your EFSP should understand the nuances of filing in this region. They should be well-versed in legal work, also being technologically-inclined to help with your efiling task.

Reliability: Most EFSP claim to be reliable and consistent in their services. Research them and come up with your findings. Find out when your document arrives at the court and when it’s accepted. Several platforms send a notification to clients once their e-file has been approved or disapproved.

Reputation: If you’re entrusting your court proceedings with a firm, you need to consider their reputation. What are they known for? Are they recognized in the industry? Guess you don’t want an unreputable legal tech company to handle your case documents.

Bank-grade Security: Case documents are delicate and need to be treated with utmost care. Can your EFSP deliver your document safely to the court? Considering how sensitive the documents are, confirm if the platform can ensure the safety and delivery of your files.

Additional Services: Do the EFSP offer a wide range of services? Find out as you never can tell when you’ll need varied solutions in the near future. For example, it would be ideal for conducting court research and collecting key documents or eServe documents from the eFiling portal.

Below are key points to note about Illinois e filing:

  • The word “document” isn’t restricted to paperwork only. It encompasses photos, recordings, or other data. This means you can file photographs and the likes.
  • New Rule 9 (Electronic Filing of Documents), formerly a reserved Rule number, defines the new state court e-filing system. The term “written” denotes writing electronically.
  • The court’s clerk will receive an electronic copy of the filed document, which doubles as the original copy. The signature or term “signed” should be in electronic format.
  • Document size and style are essential in e-filing. For electronic filing service providers like eFileIL, the maximum file size for an e filed document in the trial court is 25MB. Furthermore, an e filed document in a reviewing court to the Supreme Court and Appellate Court Districts should be about 150MB.
  • Your registered username and password represent your signature. Thus, users are advised to keep it confidential and safe from intruders. E-file confidential, confiscated, and sealed documents. During the filing process, the e-filing application can be organized as confidential. Documents signed by the opposing party, notarized, or made under oath should be scanned and filed.
  • Use a suitable font for filed documents. Some recommended fonts are Century Schoolbook, New Baskerville, etc.
  • E-file documents should be in PDF format.
  • The e filed documents should have 1-inch margins.

Filers and courts file cases, pay fees online, and process documents through electronic filing (e-filing). The Electronic Filing System Provider (EFSP) is an intermediary between you and the electronic filing manager (EFM). There are various EFSPs, and they offer a wide range of services.

Ensure you look for the one that meets your preference. To use e-filing:

  • You’ll need to register with an EFSP. Once registered, you won’t have to register again when you’re using another service provider.
  • Simply enter your username and password and log on to the platform.

To file case documents:

  • Log into your account and place your e-filing order.
  • Fill in your payment details in the allocated space.
  • Then click “submit.” The EFSP files your document with the court’s electronic filing manager (EFM), where the court clerk reviews the filed documents and fees paid.

After the review, the document is processed into the court’s management system. The court accepts or returns the filed documents for correction. The EFSP sends a notification of confirmation and the confirmed documents to your account after the process. An e-copy is sent to your email as well. From the placement of order to submission and confirmation, the EFSP keeps you posted all the while.

There are several certified e-file service providers in Illinois. They include One Legal, US Legal Pro, On File, Court Filing Illinois, File Time, File & Servexpress, OdysseyeFileIL, MyFileRunner, InfoTrack, GreenFiling, I2File, LegalDocument Management Inc, Legal e-File, CourteXpress by a360inc.

While there are several e-filing portals in Illinois, we can’t clearly state that one is the best, but MyFileRunner is one of the best. We’ll leave that for you to evaluate. Ensure the e filing portal you opt for meets your needs and preferences, also satisfying features of a good choice.

E-filing your Illinois tax return seems safer, faster, and more accurate than mailing your tax return. This is because the return is electronically sent to the IRS tax systems. You can use MyTax Illinois to e-file your individual income tax return. To efile Illinois taxes, you’ll need to determine your eligibility first before filing.

You are eligible to e-file your tax return if you:

  • You are an established taxpayer,
  • Have a valid Illinois Driver’s License or Illinois State Identification Card;
  • Have not filed a tax return for this year
  • Have an Individual Taxpayer or Social Security Number (SSN); and
  • A valid email address.

After checking your eligibility, collate all the documents, receipts, or records needed for the electronic filing. Some of these documents include a copy of your federal income tax return and schedules; your property number and amount of tax paid; soft copies of all W-2 and 1099 forms; receipts for qualified education or moving expenses; and tax returns filed with other states.

In addition, if you are due for a refund and want it credited to your savings or checking account, you’ll need your routing and account number. Once all the requirements are met, you can file your return by registering on the platform MyTax Illinois.

Below are steps to take when e-filing your court papers in Illinois.

  • Place an efiling order via an EFSP. For example, using MyFileRunner, click on court filing, then select either a case initiation or a subsequent filing. While a case initiation is a new efiling case of complaints or summons, a subsequent filing includes filing on anything else like an existing case.
  • After selecting case initiation, proceed to choose a court. Choose Illinois from the drop-down menu and select court location.
  • Next, select your case type and click continue. Enter your case information. Select your case category, case type, case title, and billing code if you have one.
  • Click continue, then input the contact information of your attorney. If your attorney is registered to use your account, you can easily get their contact information, but if they aren’t, you will have to add an attorney and manually enter their details. You have the option of choosing whom you want your email notifications to go to. Two email status updates regarding your filing are sent to you. The email is sent to the court for filing and when your confirmed copies are available for download. Ensure you notify the court about your exemption from filing fees if you represent an agency or have a fee waiver. Proceed to select the appropriate option. In addition, inform them if you would like a physical serving of your documents and your e-filing.
  • Go ahead and add your case participants, whether an individual or organization. Select the individual’s role and enter their name as it’s indicated on the complaint. You can add more parties.
  • Next, enter the document that will be filed with the court. Add document and select the document type. If there’s a fee attached to your complaint, ensure you add the document associated with the fee.
  • Select the privacy option. If there are any additional court charges to be paid, select yes and indicate the actual fee. You can add other documents like the civil case cover sheet.
  • Add your privacy option, summons, and attach the file. Once done, the EFSP will indicate the plaintiff represented (you) and submit it on your behalf. You can also e-serve on the platform.
  • Review your e-file before submitting it to the court. If you have any information for the e-filing clerk, you can enter it in the provided space.
  • Click submit.

Congratulations!!! You’ve successfully e-filed your court papers.